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Jeasd has published Volume 17 (2013) issue No.1 which has 30 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Behavior of composite reinforced concrete t-beams having different combinations of headed and unheaded shear studs embedded in tensioned concrete zone

Effect of steel shearhead on behaviour of eccentrically loaded reinforced concrete flat plate

Effect of time period between mixing and application of cement mortar on compressive strength

A hybrid intelligent algorithm to solve the unit commitment problem

Design and implementation of audiometric instrument based on microcontroller

Determination and detection of blind zones in vehicles based on microcontroller

Home appliance networking using ipv6 wireless networks

Parallel processing-parallel memory approach for super-fast design of future microprocessor

Papr reduction of complex wavelet packet modulation (cwpm) system using a novel hybrid technique over selective Rayleigh fading channel

Solving linear systems problems using discrete kalman filter

An experimental investigation for the relationship between acoustic power and exerted load in single cylinder four stroke air-cooled gasoline engine

Optimum turbofan engine performance through variation of bypass ratio

Effect of sintering time for aluminum / stainless steel composite on mechanical properties

Experimental measurements of the mechanical behavior of the composite materials and hybrid materials subject to tensile test

Decolorization of direct blue dye by electrocoagulation process

Factor controlling mimo channels capacity

Lime stabilization of expansive soil

Predict of residual stress behavior in aluminum friction stir welding by leeb hardness method

Production thematic map for predicated cbr and mr values for subgrade soil of Baghdad city using gis tools

Security measurements of internet website zone for ie9 based on fuzzy logic

Stereo vision for 3d measurement in robot systems

Structural behavior of self-compacting concrete reinforced t-beams

The effect of weight distribution on the required steering track-forces in tracked vehicles

Torsional behavior of high-strength reinforced concrete beams

Image impedance improvement in t and π-networks

تقييم دور نوع السليكا الرغوية وعوامل التشتت في خواص الخرسانة الحرارية الخالية من السمنت

اختيار شركة الإنشاء المثلى من ناحية إدارة جودة التخطيط الإنشائي باعتماد تقنية AHPباعتماد تقنية AHP

لتقییم الاحصائي للعوامل المؤثرة في عملیة اعداد البرامج الزمنیة للمشاریع الانشائیة في العراقفي العراق

دراسة تأثیر قید المواد الأولیة على تعظیم الإیرادات للمزیج السلعي باستخدام البرمجة الخطیة البسیطة حالة تطبیقیة في الشركة العامة للمعدات الھندسیة الثقیلةباستخدام البرمجة الخطیة البسیطة حالة تطبیقیة في الشركة العامة للمعدات الھندسیة الثقیلة