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Jeasd has published Volume 17 (2013) issue No.2 which has 19 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Analytical Behavior of Multi-Storied Building with Base Isolation Subjected to Earthquake Loading

Mechanical Properties and Behavior of Sustainable Concrete

A Fully Integrated Traveling Wave Amplifier with 900 dB Hz Gain-Bandwidth Product

Simple Controller Approach with Smith Predictor for Long Time Delay Systems

Bearing Capacity of Pile Group and Piled Raft Foundations on Sandy Soil

Experimental Study for Shear Behavior of Hybrid Self-Compacting Concrete Beams

Dynamic stability of ships via unbalanced mass systems

Biodegradation and bioaccumulation rate of PCBs in cows

Efficient Minimization of Routing Cost in Wireless Networks

A Theoretical Comparison of a Combined Ejector–Absorption Refrigeration System with a Conventional absorption system

Optical design of flattened single mode optical fiber utilizing temperature dependence refractive indices of different materials

Behavior of Axially Loaded Reactive Powder Concrete Columns

The Effect of Total Solids on the Discharge Coefficient of Spillway, Broad crested weir and Crump weir

Non- Linear FE Modeling of Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Slab of NSC, HSC and LWC under Concentrated Load

Design and Implementation of Internet Protocol Based Geolocation System

مقاومة الخرسانة خفيفة الوزن والحاوية على ابخرة السليكا للحوامض

تقنيات نظم المعلومات الجغرافية (GIS)

تقييم نوعين من مساعدات التخثير العضوية البوليمرية مع الشب لإزالة عكورة ماء نھر دجلة لاستخدامه للأغراض الصناعية

تأثير مقاومة الانضغاط للخرسانة في متطلبات حديد التسليح وحجوم العتبات المعرضة لعزوم الانحناء