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 Jeasd has published Volume 17 (2013) issue No.3 which has 15 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Analysis And Monitoring Characteristic Performance Of Squirrel- Cage Induction Motor With Broken Bars

Controlling Peak-To-Average Power RatioIn Orthogonal Frequency Division MultiplexingSystem

Efficient Minimization Of Power Consumed For Optimal Energy In Wireless Networks

Static Tensile Strength And Fatigue Behavior Of Polyester Reinforced With The Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) Of Fiber Glass At Elevated Temperature

Design and Implementation of Internet ProtocolBased Geolocation System

Design Study of Normal Mode Helical Antenna with Dual-Frequency and Circular Polarization Used in Mobile Communication

Experimental and Numerical study of Turning Cutting tools Random vibration towards mitigation

Experimental Study for Punching Shear Behavior in RC Flat Plate with Hybrid High Strength Concrete

Experimental Study On Surface Steel-Reinforcement For Asphalt Pavements

Numerical Investigation On The Effect Of Inclination Angle On Natural Convection Heat Transfer In A Rectangular Enclosure

Effect Of Vertical Partition On Natural Convection Flow In Enclosure With Adjacent Inclined Single Wall

The Inhibitive Effect Of Eucalyptus Camaldulenis Leaves Extract On The Corrosion Of Low Carbon Steel In Hydrochloric Acid

A Novel Algorithm ForDiagnosis Of Thin Basement Membrane Nephropathy

Stabilization Of An Inverted Robot Arm Using Neuro-Controller

تطبیق ورق الاحتمال الطبیعي في تحدید مقدرة العملیة الإنتاجیة