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Jeasd has published Volume 17 (2013) issue No.4 which has 21 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Chemical stabilization of gypseous subgrade soils for road construction in Iraq

Load-deflection behavior of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with cfrp sheets

Experimental and theoretical comparative study of circular steel tubular columns filled with self-compacting concrete under axial concentric loading

Phenol removal from wastewater by oxidation method using zeolite prepared locally

Production of digital mosaics from aerial images

The effect of impact energy in anisotropic sandwich plate

Numerical modeling for prediction of the dissolved oxygen depletion affected by heated water discharged in rivers

Effect of the application of carbon tetrachloride lubricant to a cutting operation

Repairing of rubberized reinforced concrete knee joints with cfrp sheets

Corrosion resistance of normalizing heat treatment of carbon steel ck45 in sea water at different velocities

Design of 16-qam transmitter based on software de fined radio technology

Comparison of the corrosion inhibition efficiencies of low carbon steel in different acidic mediums using some polyethylene glycols

Behavior of soils strengthened by plastic waste materials

Speech scrambling employing lorenz fractional order chaotic system

Construction of drug company data system using multidimensional database insertion

Structural behavior of composite sandwich slab panels

Correlation between some physical properties of glasscrete

Determination of buckling limit diagram for metal sheets

Effect of elevated temperatures on compressive and tensile strengths of reactive powder concrete

السيطرة على جودة  خواص الطابوف في المعامل ( معمل طابوق القادسية - حالة الدراسة)

المقارنة بين التاكل في الوسط الساكن و المهتز لفولاذ متوسط الكاربون نوع CK 45