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Jeasd has published Volume 17 (2013) issue No.5 which has 20 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

A proposed technique for harmonic reduction of three phase cascade multilevel inverter (cmli)

Experimental determination of elastic constant of composite materials using vibration properties

Numerical study of natural convection in annular enclosure with linearly varying wall temperature

Design system detection magnetic mine which is hidden under the cars by using hall effect sensors

New family of chain functions

Effect of addition 4% sicp on adhesive wears resistance of aluminum alloy (2024-t3)

Implementation of a recursive data of adaptive qrd-rls algorithm using hdl coder

Performance comparison of two codes in direct sequence spread spectrum (dsss) system under the effect of jamming

Effects of biodiesel fuel upon the exhaust emission and the performance of compression ignition engine

Punching shear failure characteristics of flat slabs using reactive and modified powder concrete with steel fibers

Study of thermal effect on the weld bead geometry during fusion welding

Design and simulation of programmable finite impulse response (pfir) digital filter using matlab and mac filter

Breaking a playfair cipher using memetic algorithm

Reed-solomon hybrid codes for optical communications

Ultrasonic characterization of epoxy composites reinforced by glass powder

Effect of annealing on the forming ability for brass sheet

Hybrid connection of pid and fuzzy controller for flexible joint robot with uncertainties

Experimental behavior of hollow non-prismatic Reinforced concrete beams retrofit with cfrp sheets

Face recognition based principal component analysis and wavelet sub bands

تاثير ملوحة ماء نهر دحلة في مقاومة التاكل للفولاذ منخفض الكاربون (ST37)