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Jeasd has published Volume 18 (2014) issue No.2 which has 16 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Studying the feasibility of powder composite for Mechanical damping purposes

Flexural behavior of reactive powder concrete tee Beams

Shear behavior of self compacting concrete deep beams

Performance study of a self-excited single-phase Induction generator with different types of loads

Improving a wimax- ostbc transceiver based fourier Ofdm in transmit-antenna and path-correlated channels Using tomlinson-harashima pre-coding

Enhancing the encryption process of advanced Encryption standard (aes) by using proposed algorithm To generate s-box

Behavior of rectangular reinforced concrete beams Subjected to bi-axial shear loading

Experimental investigation of an evacuated-tube solar Water collector with serpentine through-flow pipe Experimental and numerical study of buckling for Carburized low carbon steel columns

Control of appliance by sms using pic18f4550 Microcontrolle

A two-axis robotic arm controller design using exact Radial bases and general regression neural networks With fpga technique

Simulation models of emergency department in hospital

Damping inter -area electromechanical oscillation in Two- area electrical power system using power system Stabilizer.

Strengthening of r.c. Beams by external steel plate Using mechanical connection technique

Factor affecting the determination of wrinkling limit Diagram for metal sheets

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