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Jeasd has published Volume 18 (2014) issue No.5  which has 16 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Experimental and Numerical Investigation to Evaluate the Performance of U-Longitudinal Finned Tube Heat Exchanger compressed

Properties of normal and high strength self-compacting fibrous concrete in fresh and hardened state compressed

An enhanced solution for the axial current using

Effect of friction stir processing fsp to the mechanical properties of 7075-t73 aluminum alloys plates welded

Flexural strength of hybrid beams containing reactive powder concrete and conventional concrete

Best practices maintenance for aborshada road in Libyan western region

Modeling of viscoelastic contact and grasping stability of hemi cylindrical fingertips for robotic and prosthetic hands compressed

Predication of a mathematical model for a hardness in steel-52100

First diagonal cracking and ultimate shear of reactive powder concrete t-beams without stirrups

Exergy analysis and thermodynamic model for reciprocating and scroll compressors used in an air conditioning packaged unit

A new long term evolution lte 3gpp transceiver based ofdm multiwavelet signals

Evaluation of recycled cement concrete rcc as filler for asphalt mixture

Numerical analysis of free-convection from an inclined isothermal heated plate

Improvement of transportation network of al-muwaffaqiyah town using gis compressed

Structural evaluation of cold recycling reclaimed asphalt pavement _rap_ blends

Effect of materials and stabilizers type on the strength of base layer

Theoretical and experimental study of hydraulic actuators synchronization by using flow divider valve

Development of delay model for selected signalized intersections at cbd in sulaymaniyah city

دراسة السلوك الميكانيكي لخليط راتنج البولي استر غير المشبع والبولي ستايرين