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Jeasd has published Volume 18 (2014) issue No.6  which has 18 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Experimental and numerical investigation to enhance the performance of helical coiled tube heat exchanger by using turbulators

Experimental study on the behavior of normal and high strength self-compacting reinforced concrete corbels

Shear behavior of fibrous self compacting concrete deep beams

A novel heptagonal slot antenna for ultra wideband wireless communication applications

Flaw evaluation in reinforced concrete slabs using impact acoustics method

Some properties of concrete contains waste concrete as fine aggregate

Serially concatenation of forward error correction codes for real time applications

Corrosion resistance of tig welding joint for aluminium alloy 6061- t6 in sea water at different velocities

Thermal characterization of turbulent flow in a tube with discrete coiled wire insert

Simulation of lateral earth structure resting on gypseous soil

Experimental study for the effect of diesel fuel quality product in iraq on emission and engine performance

Modification of pinhole apparatus for identification and classification of dispersive clay soils

The effect of adding alumina phases (alpha and amorphous) to improve the mechanical properties (compressive strength and hardness) of polyester matrix composites

Studying the effect of ni electroplating on corrosion behavior in presence ultra fine al2o3 and sic

Comparison study of two methods used to estimate surface runoff hydrograph for small basins

A proposed image structure of multiwavelet network

التمثيل الریاضي والتقني لأنظمة و فضاءات الألوان

دور الزحف العمراني على استعمالات الأرض الزراعیة المحیطة بمدینة بغداد