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Jeasd has published Volume 19 (2015) issue No.4 which has 16 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Structural performance of reinforced concrete bubble slabs after exposing to fire flame

Augmentation of heat transfer through heat exchanger with and without fins by using nano fluids

Magnetic field effects on spark ignition engine performance and its emissions at high engine speeds

Removal of copper (ii) and cadmium(ii) ions from aqueous solutions using banana peels and bentonite clay as adsorbents

Static calibration of triaxial accelerometer using nonlinear numerical method

Forward image compression using segment Level-plurality (fslp)

Investigation of thermal performance of finned, water-pcm, double tube heat recovery

Attendance system based on radio frequency identification technology

Experimental investigation on the behavior of reinforced concrete corbels under repeated loadings

Shear behavior of rc deep box beams strengthened internally by transverse ribs

Estimation of manning's roughness coefficient for al- Diwaniya River

Laboratory investigation of shear repair of reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete beams with stirrups

The effect of shot peening on the notch sensitivity factor and neuber characteristic length for 7075-t6 aluminum alloy

A theoretical procedure for estimating Saturation temperature inside solar two-phase loops

Effect of spacing between shear connectors on the behavior of composite concrete steel beams under pure torsion

انتقال الحرارة و هبوط الضغط  خلال عملية التكيف للمائع R134a في حزنة انابيب افقية