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Jeasd has published Volume 19 (2015) issue No.5 which has 16 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

1-Iraqi Vehicle New License Plate Style Recognition
     Gregor Alexander Aremice

2-Using TiO2 Nanofluid for Enhancing Performance of a Water Chiller
     Qasim Saleh Mahdi      Sahar abd Al-Fattah Abood          Baydaa Jaber Nabhani

3-Urban Growth and Transportation Indicators for Sub-Urban Area
     Zanab Ahamed Abad alstayer        Ali Hussein Hameed

4-Orthogonal Chaotic Vectors Based on Rikitake System for Code Division Multiple Access Applications
        Ali Abd Radhi

5-Investigation of the Composite Beam Behavior Subjected to Impact Fatigue Loading
     Azher S. Al-issa            Samira Kareem               Mohammad B. Tawfiq

6-Prediction of Surface Roughness, Material Removal Rate and Tool Wear Ratio Models for SiC Powder Mixing EDM
         Ahmed Naif Ibrahim         Samir Ali Amin         Saad Mahmood Ali 

7-Structural Behavior of Modified Reactive Powder and Reactive Powder Concrete Wall Panels Subjected to Axial Distributed Loading
      Zena waleed Abass

8-Theoretical And Experimental Study For Controlling Vibration Of A Particular System Using Tuned Damper
     Mauwafak Ali Tawfik          Sadeq Hussein Bakhy          Ali Fa’az. Hasan

9-Gas Holdup and Axial Liquid Dispersion in Three Phase Bubble Columns
     Burhan Sadeq Abdulrazzaq

10- Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Thermal Insulation of Natural Composite Materials
      Fouad A. Saleh1          Fadhel A. Abdulla1           Ala'a Jamal Mahdi

11-Three Phase Induction Motor Conversion To Three Phase Induction Generator Using Capacitors
         Zuhair Sameen Shuker

12-Effect Of Cellular Concrete Blocks And Transverse Internal Ribs On Shear Strength Of Hollow Reinforced Concrete Beams
      Ali Hameed Aziz

13-Torsional Behavior of Normal-Strength Reinforced Concrete Beams
         Raid I. Khalel

14-Post Buckling Behavior of Prismatic Structural Steel Members Using Finite Element Method
         Murtada Ameer Ismael        Wissam Dawood Salman

15-Implementation Of Bit Error Rate (ber) Based On Software Defined Radio
       Hassan Hayder Dawood

16-Biodegradation Of Oil Refinery Effluents Using Locally Bacterial Isolates
       Hassan H. Sultan        Younis S. Tlaiaa         Zainab A. Razak