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Jeasd has published Volume 19 (2015) issue No.6 which has 18 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Effect Of Some Chemical Additives On The Behavior Of Sabkha Soil
Waad Abdul Sattar Hussain, Safa Hussain Abid Awn

Experimental Investigation Of Orientation Effects On Heated Cylinder With Different Diameters Inside A Square-Section Shield
Saad Najeeb Shehab

Laboratory Investigation Of Shear Repair Of Reinforced Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Beams With Stirrups
Dr. Mu’taz Kadhim Medhlom

A Gis-Assisted Optimal Baghdad Metro Route Selection Based On Multi Criteria Decision Making
 Namir G. Ahmed Alkawaaz , Noor Moutaz Asmael

Minimization The Deflection And Cost Of Reinforcement Frame Using Doe
Sabah Khammass Hussein

Design And Implementation Of Shortest Path Algorithm For Network Of Roads
 Nadia Moqbel Hassan

Attendance System Based On Radio Frequency Identification Technology
Abbas Saleh Hassan , Raoof Talal Hussein , Izz Kadhum Abboud

Three-Phase Pwm Boost Rectifier Operating Under Different Input Voltage Conditions
 Turki Khawish Hassan , Muntadher Kadhem Abdullah

Control Facility layout Problems in Construction Project Sites in Iraq
Entisar Kadhim Rasheed

Quantum Efficiency Of a p-υ-n Si Photodetector
 Dr. Muneer Aboud Hashem, Mohammad Shihab Ahmmed

Image Transmission Over Rayleigh Fading Channels Using Turbo Codes With Multi-Dimensional Chaotic Interleavers
 Maher K. M. Al-Azawi , Mustafa J. Kutran

Experimental And Numerical Study Of Enhancement Heat Transfer Coefficient In Spiral Fluted Tube Heat Exchanger With Nanofluid
Muna S. Kassim , Fouad A. Salah , Ahmed O.Samarmad

Design And Fpga Implementation Of Wireless Baseband Modem For Wimax System Based On SDR
Dr. Sabah Nassir Hussein , MSc. Student. Raghad Saad Majeed

Experimental Investigation On Properties Of Cement Mortar Incorporating Eggshell Powder
Rawaa A. Al-Safy

Artificial Neural Network For Modeling Of Cu(Ii) Bio-Sorption From Simulated Wastewater By Fungal Biomass
Huda Mahdi Madhlooma , Amal Hamza Khalilb , Ziad Tariq Abd Ali

Effect Of Spacing Between Shear Connectors On The Behavior Of Composite Concrete Steel Beams Under Pure Torsio
Ali Sabah Ahmed1, Laith Shakir Rasheed2, Ali Abdulrazaq Abdul

تحسين خواص الطابوق الطيني المحلي بإضافةرماد قشور الرز ونشارة الخشب
       جاسم عطية علوان

تقييم إدارة التصميم في المكاتب الاستشارية باستخدام تقنية الناتج الداخلي للمتجهات الداخلي للمتجهات
د.حافظ إبراهيم ناجي      , هادي صالح مجول