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Jeasd has published Volume 20 (2016) issue No.1 which has 16 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Experimental And Theoretical Evaluation For Effect Of Openings Location On Shear Strength Of Rc Beams
Dr. Ali Hameed Aziz

Strengthening Of Modified Reactive Powder Concrete Columns With Cfrp
Dr. Mutaz Kadhim Madhlom, Dr. Mohammed Hashim Mohammed

Practical Aid To Identify And Evaluate Plasticity, Swelling And Collapsibility Of The Soil Encountered In Badrah, Shatra And Nassirya Cities
Abbas Jawad Al-Taie

Vervication Of Process Design Of An Extended Aeration For Al-Shurqat Wastewater Treatment Plant
Dr. Mohammed Saiwan Shamkhi

Engineering Assessments Of Liquefaction Potential Of Baghdad Soil Under Dynamic Loading
Dr.Bushra Suhail Albusoda

Implementation Of Hiding Secured Fingerprint In Face Image For Biometric Applications
Lect. Sabah A. Gitaffa

Modified Maximum Auto-Correlation Estimation For Chaotic Initial Condition Modulation Scheme
Dr. Hikmat Najem Abdullah, Ibrahim Fahmi Ali

Design Of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna For Wireless Communication Systems
Dr. Raad Hamdan Thaher

Shear Behavior Of High Strength Concrete Beams Reinforced With Gfrp Bars And Strengthened By Cfrp Sheets
Dr. Raid Mohammed AlShadidi1,   Dr. Hassan Falah Hassan,  Dr. Mohammed Hashim Mohammed

Analysis Of Thick Rectangular Plates Resting On Nonlinear Winkler Foundation
Dr.Adel A. Al-Azzawi1, Hasanain M. Ghaltan

Design, Simulation and Implementation of a 60kW Variable Voltage DC Power Supply for a Current-Fed Parallel Resonant Inverter used in Induction Heating Applications
Dr. Kassim R. Hameed,   Dr. Nawal A. Hussain,   Dr. Amer M. Ali,  Dr. Isam M. Abdulbaqi

Numerical Analysis of Prefabricated Vertical Drains Improved Soft Soil Beneath an Embankment During Staged Construction
 Dr. Madhat Shakir Al-Soud

Fabrication And Characterization Of Palladium-Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Films And Its Application As Extended-Gate Field-Effect Transistor Ph Sensor
Dr.Raad Hamdan Thaher, Ghusoon Mohsin Ali, Ali Azzam Abdullateef

Effect Of Recycled Aggregates And Steel Fibers On Flexural And Shear Behavior Of Reinforced Normal Concrete Beams
Dr. Mohammed M. Salman,   Dr. Jamal S. Abdul- Ameer,   lubna M. Abd

Effect Of The Addition Of Styrene–Butadiene Rubber Latex On The Water Absorption And Compressive Strength Of Crumb Rubber-Mortar
Dr. Besma Mohammed Fahad1, Ali Isam Mohsin

Designing a suitable tramway route at ramadi city
 Mahdi Ibrahim Al-Kubaisi,  Anwar Khalid Hammad