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Jeasd has published Volume 20 (2016) issue No.4 which has 18 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

Content          Inner Cover

1- Evaluation Of Various Soil Parameters Of Al-Emara City From Field And Laboratory Tests
     Mudhafar K. Hameedi

2-A Novel (Q-Slot) Multi Band Antenna For Wireless Communications
    Amer Tawfeeq  Abed Sahab

3-Nonlinear Integral Control Design For Dc Motor Speed Control With Unknown And Variable External Torque
    Dr. Shibly Ahmed Al-Samarraie ,  Bashar Fateh Midhat , Ivan Isho Gorial

4-Evaluation Of Mechanical Properties Of High Performance Self-Consolidated Concrete Enhanced By Discrete Steel And Polypropylene Fibers
    Ali Adel Abdulhameed

5-Durability Of Porous Asphalt Pavement
    Dr. Zainab Ahmed Al-Kaissi, Omar Ghalib Mashkoor

6-Study The Effect Of Polypropylene Fibers In  Some Mechanical And Physical Properties Of Rigid Polyurethane Foam Composites
     Ismail Ibrahim Marhoon

7-Investigation Shot Peening And Laser Shock Peening On Fatigue Properties For Steel Aisi 1010
    Dr. Zeyad , Dr. Mohammed Abdulraoof Abdulrazzaq  , Maysaa Muwafaq

8-A Study For Significant Risks And Their Effects On Construction Projects In Erbil City
    Aksana Jihad mohammed

9-Investigation Of Temperature Effect For Nanocomposite Materials Subjected To High Strain Rate Impact
    Samira K. Radhi , Fadhel A. Al-Shukri , Ali M. Ibraheem

10-Fuzzy Logic Controller For A Multistage Current-Controlled Switched-Capacitor Step-Down Dc-Dc  Converter
      Dr. Turki Khawish Hassan  ,  Soudad Zahem Hussein

11-Effect Of Oxygen Enrichment Upon Laminar Burning Velocity Of (Butane – O2 – N2) Mixture
      Dr. Fouad A. Saleh1 ,  Shaymaa Y. Ibrahim

12-Voltage Quality Control In Wind Turbine And Flexible Ac Transmission System (Facts) Devices In Power Systems By Using Static Var Compensation
      Dr. Ghaidaa. K . Salih

13-Manufacturing And Numerical Analysis Of Elbow Orthosis Made Of Polypropylene – Carbon Fiber – Polypropylene
      Sameer Hashim Ameen

14-Analyzing The Heterogeneous And Homogeneous Wsns In The Term Of Total Energy Consumption
      Dr. Mahmood F. Mosleh  ,  Siraj Q. Mahdi

15-Validation Of Derived Equation Using Energy Technique For Calculating The Critical Buckling Load For Intermediate And Long Columns
      Ahmed Naif Al-Khazaraji ,  Samir Ali Al-Rabii   ,   Hameed Shamkhi Al-Khazaali

16-Simulation And Contingency Analysis Of A Distributed Network In Iraq
      Dr. Thamir M. Abdul-Wahhab , Omar Ali Abdullah

17-Implementation And Enhancement Affine Cipher Of Database
       Dalal A. Hammood   ,  Maitham A. Naji

18-Torsion Plus Bending And Shear On Reinforced Concrete Beams
       Awadh E. Ajeel