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Jeasd has published Volume 21 (2017) issue No.1 which has 17 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

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1- Effect of curing temperature and conditions on compressive strength of concrete containing supplementary pozzolanic materials
Salwa Rahman Rasheed

2- Electromagnetic-thermal coupled analysis of a brazing process by induction furnace using finite element method
Dr.Mohammad Hameed Khazaal  ,  Isam Mahmood Abdulbaqi ,  Rabee’ Hashim Thejel

3- Studying environmental awareness in the selection of building materials
Dr. Entisar K. Al-Geelawee ,  Dr. Alyaa Hammadi Mohsin

4- Behavior of repaired composite modified reactive powder concrete i-section beams with opening under pure torque
Dr. Ali Sabah Ahmed

5- Experimental study on structural behavior of thin wall concrete panels subjected to axial eccentric uniformly distributed loading
Saad Khalaf Mohaisen, Layth A. Al-Jaberi, Aya Haqi Ismael

6- New method for hand gesture recognition using wavelet neural network
Dr. Jabbar Raheem Rashed  , Mr. Hasanain Abbas Hasan

7- Selected least significant bit approach for hiding information inside color image steganography by using magic square
Sahar Mahdie Klim

8- Ultimate strength of concrete corbels with hybrid reinforcement and strengthened externally by carbon fiber
Dr. Suaad Khaleel Ibraheem Al-Fadhli

9- Solving problems faced during biological kinetic determination
Dr.Adnan Abbas Ali Al-Samaw i ,  Safaa Nasser Hassan Al-Hussaini

10-Sewage water heat recovery: a proposed study as an application of energy saving in iraq
Dr. Tawfeeq Wasmi M. Salih

11- Finite element analysis of porcelanite lightweight aggregate reinforced concrete deep beams strengthened by externally bonded carbon fiber strips
Dr. Kaiss F. Sarsam , Dr.Nabeel A.M. Al-Bayati,  Ahlam S. Mohammed

12- Intruder glass-break defecting system using computer interface
M.Sc.  Izz Kadhum Abboud, M.Sc.  Alaa Hussain Altimimy

13- Fpga based 2×2 mmse mimo-ofdm system using xilinx system generator
Dr. Fadhil Sahib Hasan

14- Fatigue and moisture susceptibility characteristics of reclaimed asphalt pavement mixtures in iraq
Dr. Namir G. Ahmed , Halah A. Qasim

15- Investigation problems of documentation, updating information and following up construction project in iraq
Dr. Hassan Issa Abdul-Kareem

16- Crack pattern and modes failure investigation of reinforced concrete inverted hollow core dapped end beams strengthened with longitudinal normal strand bars (bolts)
Dr. Hadi Nasir Ghadhban, Hyder Amer Mushatt, Esra  Kamal Jaafar

17- تقييم الشركات الانشائية في العراق من ناحية تطوير التخطيط للمشاريع الانشائية باعتماد تقنية البدائل المتعددة المعايير النسبية المعقدة بعلاقات رمادية
نضال عدنان جاسم