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Jeasd has published Volume 21 (2017) issue No.2 which has 17 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds


1- Municipal wastewater treatment of basrah city using intermittent cycle extended aeration system (iceas)
       Dr. Wisam Sabeeh Al-Rekabi, Dr. Abdul Hussain Abdul Kareem Abbas, Dr. Sarmad A. Abbas

2- Compatibility between mobile geopositions and local maps in Iraq
      Ruba Yousif Hussain

3- Experimental and numerical simulation of flow over broad crested weir and stepped weir using different turbulence models
    Dr.Shaymaa A. M. Al-Hashimi , Dr. Huda M. Madhloom , Thameen Nazar Nahi

4- The effect of curing methods on the properties of high performance lightweight concrete in hot dry weather conditions
    Dr. Hisham Khaled Ahmed , Dr. Wasan Ismail Khalil , Nada Hadi Jumaa

5- Experimental study for transient heat transfer from a flat plate under air impingement
   Dr. Adnan A. AbdulRasool , Dr. Dhamia’a Saad Khudor , Sarah Ahmed Oudah

6- Improvement of compressibility characteristics of model organic soils
    Dr. Adel H. Majeed , Dr. Madhat S. Al-Soud , Zainab H. Sadiq

7- Creep behavior of iraqi gypsiferous soil
    Dr.Hanan Adnan Hassan Afaj , Hadeel Amaar Mohammed

8- Application of quasi-z-source inverter in photovoltaic grid-connected systems
    Dr. Turki Kahawish Hassan

9- Effects of temperature and creep on the performance of subgrade layer
    Dr. Saad Farhan Ibrahim , Saja Faisal Abbas

10- Voltage stability improvements using adaptive controller for statcom
   Dr. Abdelelah K. Mahmood , Dr. Inaam I.Ali , Ayad A. AL-Gailany

11- Laboratory evaluation of moisturey damage and durabilit Of hot mix asphalt (HMA)
    Dr. Namir G. Ahmed , Dr. Yasir M. AL-Badran , Doaa M. Azeez

12- Experimental investigation for enhancement heat transfer in a channel with angle-ribbed tape at various attack angle
    Dr. Rafea A.H. Albaldawi , Dr. Aseel K. Shyaa , Suha Abd Al-Ameer

13- The mechanical propertiesOf lime concrete
    Dr. Mohammed Mosleh Salman , Ammar A. muttar

14- Experimental stady of using olive oil and bio-diesel on pollutants emissions in the continuous combustion chamber
    Dr. Abdul Kadhim M. Hasan , Dr. Abdul Sattar Jawad M. , Noora Saleh Ekaab

15- Corrosion behavior of dissimilar friction stir welded for aluminum alloys (5052 h34 and 7075 t6)
    Dr. Ahmed A. Zainulabdeen

16- Effect of adding kaolin with natural and recycled coarse aggregates on asphalt mixture
    Muhannd W. Majeed

17- Determination of fracture characteristics for local rigid pavement materials in Iraq
    Dr. Zainab Ahmed Alkaissi , Dr. Abdulhaq Hadi Ali , Ahmed Abd Ameer