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Jeasd has published Volume 21 (2017) issue No.3 which has 16 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds


1- Using The New Engineering Contracts (Nec3) to Consider and Evaluate the Legal Liabilities Arising from Contractual Failures: A Case Study Research
         Mustafa Ayad Mohsin Al-Shammari

2- Fuzzy Proportional-Derivative Sliding Mode Control with Minimal Rules for Disk Read System
         Nassir Ahmed Al_awad

3- Studying the Effect of Iraqi Steel Slag Addition on the Physical and Mechanical.
Properties Of Cement Mortar
          Dr. Mohammed M. Salman , Dr. Khalid M. Owaid , Domoaa R. Hussein

4- Effect of Baffles Orientation on Heat Transfer Enhancement N Dimpled Square Duct
        Abeer Hashim Falih

5- Effect of Lap Splicing High Tensile Steel Bars in Reactive Powder Concrete Beams Exposed to Repeated Loading
        Dr. Hisham M. Al-Hassani , Dr. Qais Abdul Majeed Hassan, Faten Fadhil Saleem

6- Nickel Ions Removal from Aqueous Solutions Using Sawdust as Adsorbent: Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies
       Lahieb Faisal Muhaisen

7- Torisional Behaivore of Reactive Powder Concrete T-Beam With Web Opening
       Dr.Ali Sabah Ahmed Alamli , Dr.Hayder Abdulameer Mehdi , Reem Hatem Ahmed

8- The Impact of Incompetent Contractor on the Project Schedule
        Dr. Samiaah M. Hassen M. Al-Tmeemy

9- Structural Behavior of Embedded Shear Head in Modified Reactive Powder Flat Plate Concrete with Opening
       Abeer Hassan Wenas

10- Investigation the Effect of Aspect Ratio on the Free Heat Convective Inside a Horizontal Heated Tube
        Saad Najeeb Shehab

11- Modification of Portal Method for Analyzing the Frames
         Muhammed Abbas Husain

12- Effect of Unsaturated Polyester on Some Properties of Cement Mortar
         Dr. Besma M. Fahad

13- Forecasting Of (dead And Non Dead, Deaths And Injuries) For Traffic Accidents In Iraq Using An Optimal Statistical Models
         Dr. Nahla Hafidh Jawad

14- Structural Study of FRPComposite Pile Under Axial Compression Load Using Finite Element Method
        Dr. Abbas Adday Oudah. Al Zayadi

15- Behavior of Laced Reinforced Concrete Beam Under Static Load
        Dr. Abbas A.Allawi , Dr. Arshad N. Mohammed Ali

16- Behavior Of Model Group Piles Subjected To Lateral Soil Movement In Sand
        Dr. Saad Farhan Ibraheem, Dr. Mohammed Khachi Hatem