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Jeasd has published Volume 21 (2017) issue No.6 which has 16 research papers in different engineering fields.


1- Experimental and mathematical evaluation of the refrigeration system performance with different ambient temperature 
     Dr. Ahmed Abed Mohammed, Ali Abas Nasser
              ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

2- Mathematical finite element model for general analysis of double curved shell according to strain based approach
    Dr. Hayder Abdul Ameer Mehdi
      ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

3- Experimental verification of strut and tie method for reinforced concrete deep beams under various types of loadings
     Khattab Saleem Abdul-Razzaq, Sarah Farhan Jebur
      ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

4- Effect of using internal packaging materials for new building walls on heating load
    Dr. Hassan Kareem Abdullah, Sajjad Shakir Ali
    ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

5- The Strengh and leaching behaviour of scrap metal contaminated soils using cementitious materials
    Dr. Khitam Abdulhussein Saeed
  ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

6- Experimental investigation of using new shape augmentations for enhancing heat transfer in heat exchangers
    Nassr Fadhil Hussein
  ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

7- Predictive study of laminar natural convection in supercritical fluid along vertical flat plate
    Dr. Adil Abbas Mohammed, Saad Abdulwahab Razuqi
  ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

8- Numerical and theoretical study on the effect of heat transfer and fluid flow on the hydraulic tank
    Dr. Rafa Abbas Hassan, Dr. Assel Khaleel Shyaa, Ali Kadhim Khudadad
        ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

9- Simple drone for object color detection
    Dr. Malik Abdulrazzaq Alsaedi
      ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

10- Structural behavior of reinforced concrete vierendeel truss to use in precast construction
    Dr. Jamal Saeed Abdul Ameer, Dr. Hadi Nasir Ghadhban, Mustafa Abdul Hussein Hassan
          ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

11- Approximate solutions for solving two types linear integral equations by using bou-baker polynomials method
    Balasim Taha Abdilrazak
          ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

12- Ground water flow and water budget for tharthar lake
    Dr. Thair Sharif Khayyun, Mustafa Majeed , Ahlam sadir
      ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

13- Design fuzzy pid controller for nonlinear systems
    Sami Abdulaziz Ali
ABSTRACT                  CONTENT 

14- دراسة تأثير رقم المنحنى على ذروة المخطط المائي لجابية نهر الخوصر
    سحر سمير يونس
                     المحتواى        الخلاصة

15- اثر تغيير استعمالات الأرض على الخصائص الأجتماعية للمنطقة السكنية
    فرح غازي محمد
                     المحتواى        الخلاصة

16- أثر التعليم البيئي على المعرفة والمهارات والمواقف لطلبة الجامعة
    د. خالد عبد الوهاب مصطفى
                     المحتواى        الخلاصة