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Jeasd has published Volume 22 (2018) issue No.1 which has 16 research papers in different engineering fields.

1- Using Paper Waste as Adsorbent for Methyl Violet dye removal from waste water
             Dr. Besma Mohammed Fahad    Dr. Nisreen Sabah Ali    Tamarah Tareq Hameed

2-Use of clean energy to remediate contaminated soil
       Ahmed Alaa Hussein

3-Water Budget for Abu ZIRIG Marsh In Southern Iraq
    Dr. Ryidh Abood Yasir        Dr. Khayyun Amtair Rahi               Dr. Zaidun Naji Abudi

4-Optimal Controller For Vector-Controlled Multilevel Invereter Fed Brushless Dc Motor
    Dr. Turki Kahyoosh Hassan , Mustafa Bashar Abdulmelik    Abeer Hashim Falih

5-Optimization of Bioethanol Production from Biodegradable Municipal Solid Waste using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
    Dr. Nadhim H. Hayder       Dr. Hussain M.     Flayeh, Ali W. Ahmed

6-Utilization Of Rice Husk In The Sorption Of Eutrophication Nitrogen And Producing A Useful Organic Fertilizer For Plant ProductionE Size
    Dr. Ghazi Maleh Mutter

7-Behaviour Of Reactive Powder Rectaingular Deep Beam With Shear Zone Opening Subjected To Repeated Load
       Dr. Saad Khalaf Muhaison, Dr. Wissam Khadim Abd, Mohammed Khalaf Alwan

8-Mathematical Modeling For Water Hammer In Pipe Flow
     Dr. Qassem H. jalut,   Nisreen J. Rasheed

9-Mathematical Analysis Of Square Hole Drilling Mechanism
    Ridha Alwan Ahmed

10-Performance Of A Single Pile Under Combined Axial And Lateral Loads In Layered Sandy Soil
     Dr. Saad Farhan Ibrahim, Dr. Madhat Shakir Al-Soud, Fawaz Ibrahim Al-Asadi

11-Effect Of Addition Of Chopped Carbon Fiber On The Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Beams With Variable (Shear Distance To Effective Depth ) Ratios
    Dr. Ahmed Sahib Diab AL-Ridha , Esraa Khudhair Mohsin Abuzaid, Ali Abdul-Razzaq Abbood

12-Color Image Compression and Encryption Based on Compressive Sensing
    Haraa Raheem Hatem

13-Design And Implementation Of Factory Security System
        Jinan Nsaif Shehab

14-Response of Laced Reinforced Concrete Beams subjected to Repeated Loading
     Dr. Abbas AbdulMajeed Allawi,  Dr. Arshad Nadhom Mohammed Ali Shubber

15-Efficient Gait Verification Through Template Preservation
    Mays Kareem Jabbar Alsaba

16- التواصل في عمارة جامع المرادية
      د. بريزات قاسم حسين فهمي