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Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development Vol. 22, No.02 (Part -2), March 2018 

The fourth Scientific Engineering and First Sustainable Engineering Conference 

         English Contents                                                         Arabic Contents

1- The application of sustainability principles in housing

  Narmeen AbdAlwahhab AbdAlqadir , Lubna Mohammed Abd , Muhannd Waleed Majeed

2-Optimal placement of meters for power system state estimation by using artificial intellegence techniques, a comparative study

Dr. Kassim Abdulrezak Al-Anbarri , Mohammed Falih Hasan

3- Analysis of curved composite pipe under internal presure effect

Dr. Fadhel Abbas Abdullah, Omar Emad Shukry

4- Numerical study of some influencing parameters on melting process of phase change storage units integrated with a solar water heater

Dr. Khalid Ahmad Joudi, Dr. Aouf Abdulrahman Al-Tabbakh

5- A comparative study between silicon, metals and some biodegradable materials in the gate fabrication process of the voltage controlled switch transistor: experimentally and theoretically

Munaf Fathi Badr , Suhad Dawood Salman

6- Applied second law of thermodynamics on the wind energy over iraq ……

Fadhil Abdulrazzaq Kareem

7- Burning velocity measurement of biodiesel fuel and its blends using particle imaging path technique and image processing

Dr. abed Al-Khadim Mohammed Hasan , Dr. Mahmoud Attallah Mashkour, Amer Abdulah Mohammed

8- Investigation of the effect of duct height on the performance of solar air heater with baffles

Dr. Jalal Mohammed Jalil1, Dr. Ghaidaa Kaain Salih2, Yousif Ali Madhi

9. Bond strength of light-weight concrete pull-out specimens contain steel fibers       

    Aamer Najim Abbas, Lina Abdulsalam Shihab, Yaqoob Talib Yaqoob

10.Micro-Structural characterization of cement stabilized tropical laterite clay soil contaminated by heavy metals

   Dr. Khitam Abdulhussein Saeed , Dr. Shaymaa Abdul muttaleb Hashim  

11.Numerical investigation of heat transfer on laminar flow in circular tube fitted with conical spring inserts and nanotechnology

    Dr.Qasim Saleh Mahdi , Ali Shokor Golam            

12. Parameter extraction of single-diode pv-module model using electromagnetism-like algorithm

   Dr. Dhiaa Halboot Muhsen , Dr. Haider Tarish Haider , Dr. Haider Ismael Shahadi

      انتاج مونة مقاومة للحوامض ذات الاساس البوليمري -13  

د.سهير كاظم عبد، أحمد جبار ، زينة صباح , ميثم فاخر

دراسة اسباب التشققات الشعرية والاعتيادية للبخ الخارجي بالإسمنت للأبنية في العراق وطرق علاجها14-

د. فاطمة حميد ناصر، احلام حامد جاسم