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Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development Vol. 22, No.02 (Part -6), March 2018 

The Fourth Scientific Engineering and First Sustainable Engineering Conference 

 English Contents                                                         Arabic Contents

1-   Piezoelectric generator as a clean electric energy source

     Wedian Hadi Abd Al Ameer

 2-  Investigation corrosion and mechanical properties of carburized low carbon steel

     Dr. Abbas Khammas Hussein, Dr. Laith Kais Abbas, Asraa Kareem Hameed           

3- The influence of surface geometry on heat transfer from flat plate in impinging jet 

     Hadeel Abdul Hady Jassim          

 4- Effect of bearing position on the vibration response for rotor–bearing–fan system using fluid structure     interaction (fsi)

     Mauwafak Ali Tawfik , Mohammed Idris Abu-Tabikh , Adil Abed. Nayeeif             

5-  Production of high efficient compost from algae and organic fraction solid waste mixture

    Dr. Ahmed Hassoon Ali, Zainab Abdul Razaq Nasir, Younis Swadi Tlaiaa, Ali Dhamin Khishala         

 6- Behaviour analysis of doubly fed induction generator based wind turbine system durin grid disturbances 

   Dr. Amer Obeid Kareem, Dr. Nagam Obaid Kariem, Dr. Mohammed Ali Elgendy, Dr.Shady Mostafa       Gadoue4      

7- Properties of high performance lightwight concrete masonry units made with sustainable aggregate

    Dr. Wasan Ismail Khalil, Dr. Hisham Khalid Ahmed, Dr. Zainab Mohammed Ali Hussein    

8-  Effect of adding the plastic waste as fibers on mechanical properties of concrete

     Dr. Aseel Madallah Mohammed, Ammar Ahmed Hammadi         

 9-  Sustainable performance of reactive powder concrete by using nano meta kaolin 

      Dr. Ghalib Mohsin Habeeb, Dr. Jabor Mahdi Al- Jeabory, Masar Hamed Majeed               

10-  Identifying barriers to the use of sustainable building materials in building construction 

       Dr. Alyaa Hammadi Mohsin, Dunya Sahib Ellk

11-  The effect of waste brick powder as cement weight replacement on properties of sustainable concrete

        Dr. Mohammed Moslah Salman , Mohammad Zohair Yousif        

12-  Evaluating and comparing the potential environmental impacts from the production of diesl and                 liquefied petroleum gas, al-daura refinery, baghdad, Iraq        

       Dr. Mohammad Ali Alanbari, Israa Rahman Ghanem       

13- Development semi-empirical formula to predict mass flow rate of working fluid within thermosyphon          loop   

      Basim Hammed Freegah, Khalil Ibrahim Abass, Ammar Abdullah Hussain              

14-  Enhancement of thermal performance of double pipe heat exchanger by using nanofluid

       Dr. Mushtaq Ismael Hasan, Dr. Mohammed Dakhel Salman, Ayat Lateef Thajeel

15-  Development of a waste heat recovery system 

       Dr. Maathe Abdulwahwd Theeb, Ali Shukor Golam, Dr. Mohammed Hamid Alhamdo

16-   Effect of leaching behavior on granular base layer stabilized with recycled materials       

        Dr. Zainab Ahmed Abdalsattar, Dr. Ali Jabbar Kadhim, Eman Abd Alhassan Mohammed 

                                                                      نهج النطاق العازل في التنمية المستدامة .1

د . وحدة شكر الحنكاوي , مروة ناصر محمد سعيد   

مستوى الخدمة بالعلاقة مع الانظمة الذكية للنقل . 2

                                         د. فراس ثامر حمودي الراوي, سيدا سركيس مسروب اوهانسيان