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Jeasd has published Volume 22 (2018) issue No.4 which has 20 reserch papers in diffrent engineering fields.

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1-Experimental study of reinforced concrete dapped ends beams strengthen with transverse subsequent installed bars
          Dr. Hadi Nasir Ghadhban

2-Dynamic shortest path analysis of routing technique via genetic algorithm
          Nyan Dawood Salman, Hanan Kamal AbdulKarim

3-Structural behavior of thin rpc wall panels with varying steel reinforcement and aspect ratio subjected to axial eccentric uniformly distributed loading
        Dr.Saad Khalaf Mohaisen,      Dr. Layth Abdulbari Al-Jaberi,    Aya Haqi Ismael

4-The effect of using layered geogrid reinforcement on the collapsibility of gypseous soils
    Raghad Mohammed Kudadad

5-Investigating of the behavior of pile groups under the effect of suction potential of unsaturated expansive soil
       Dr. Saad Faik Abbas Al-Wakel, Dr. Karim Hadi Ibrahim, Safa Kareem Alwan

6-Effect of carbon nano tubes on erosion wear of carbon fiber, glass fiber & kevlar fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester composites
        Dr. Aseel Basim Abdul-Hussein, Dr. Emad Saadi Abdel Kareem, Marwa Subhi Atallah

7-Removal of lead from polluted water by adsorption on bentonite clay particles
    Dr. Mohammed Ali Rashid Hameed

8-Punching shear strengths of hybrid reinforced concrete flat plate slabs
      Suha Rasheed Abass, Haitham Jameel Abd

9-Effect of waste foundry sand on indirct tensil strength of asphalt mixture
      Dr. Zainab Ahmed Abdulsattar, Eman Abdulhassan Mohammed

10-Electrical and Optical Effects of Ag dopant on zno thin film Based msm uv Photodetectors
       Mohammed Wesam Naji , Dr. Ghusoon Mohsin Ali, Dr. Muneer Aboud Hashem

11-Performance comparison of proposed interleaver with different types for parallel turbo code
       Amjad Ali Jassim, Dr. Wael A.H. Hadi

12-Evaluating the performance of sustainable interlocking concrete blocks manufactured from recycled concrete aggregate
        Dr. Suad Abdul-Aziz Sultan, Dr. Ban Sahib Abduljalel, Talib Qasim Talib

13-Rainfall intensity effects on flexible pavement layers
         Dr. lamia A. Ahmed, Dr. Ahmed M.H. Al- Alkadhimi, Wisam A. Najim

14-Challenges facing construction contracts in Iraq
       Sultan Noori Al-karawi

15-Concentrating of feldspar from al-samawa sand dune
        Waleed R. Abdullah

16-Effect of web reinforcement on self-compacting reinforced concrete continuous deep beams
         Dr. Adnan Falih Ali, Dr. Abdul Qader Nihad Noori

17-Biosorption of methyelen blue from aqueous solution using wastes micelium of fungal biomass type white rot fungi
          Dr. Salman Hussein Abbas, Dr. Mohammad Abd Al-Kareem Ahmed, Dr. Wail Hassan Ali

18-Experimental study the effect of absorbing tube diameter on the performance of compound parabolic concentrator solar collector
         Dr. Talib Zghayer. Farge, Dr. Abdul Aziz Ali, Hiba Ali Hussein

19- توظيف خصائص الشكل الطبيعي في التطبيقات المعمارية المعاصرة
        د. وجدان ضياء عبد الجليل

20- تقليل ملوثات عادم محرك اشعال بالضغط باستخدام مزيج الديزل – الايثانول
         مثنى لطيف عبدالله، د. عبد الحسين حريجة، د. مهند لطيف عبد الله