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Jeasd has published Volume 23 (2019) issue No.1 which has 15 research papers in different engineering fields.

   English Contents                                                         Arabic Contents

1. Monitoring of High Rise Building Using Very Long Focal Length of Camera Lens and Three Dimensions
   Google Images
   Dr.Entisar Kadhim Al-Geelawe, Dr.Layth Sadek Mohsin

2. Strengthening of Concrete Beams with Prestressed FRP Reinforcements
    Dr.Suhaib Sabah Abdulhameed

3. Experimental Study on the Behavior of Different Types of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Mix of Two
    way-Slabs Subjected to Different Heat Temperature
    Dr. Omar Shamal Farhan

4. Experimental Study of Self-Compacting Reinforced Continuous Deep Beams
   Dr. Adnan Falih Ali, Dr. Abdul_Qader Nihad Noori , Abeer Hashim Falih

5. Experimental Study to Investigate the Effect of Longitudinal and Transverse Openings on the
    Structural Behavior of High Strength Self Compacting Reinforced Concrete Beams
    Dr. Yaarub Gatia Abtan, Hussain Dhafer AbdulJabbar

6. Conductivity Behavior for the Permeate Stream of Reverse Osmosis Water in Thermal Power Station
    Suha Anwer Ibrahim

7. Removal of Chrome and Zinc from Industrial Wastewater Using Electrical Precipitation and Bentonite
    Waleed Rasheed Abdullah

8. Slip Detection for a Specific Design of Fingertip in Multi-Direction Under Different Load  Conditions

    Dr. Mauwafak Ali Tawfik, Dr. Ihsan Abdulhussein Baqer,Hayder Ahmed Abdulrazzaq

9. Performance of Driven Reinforced Concrete Piles Under the Effect of Dynamic Loading

    Dr. Mohammed Yousif Fattah, Zainab Hassan Shakir, Sura Amoori Abbas

10.Performance Analysis of a Compact Solar Water Heater with Paraffin Wax Storage Unit

     Dr. Aouf Abdulrahman Al-Tabbakh, Amir Fadhil Noori, Raid Salman Fahad

11. Evaluation of Inhibitor Efficiency in Crude Oil Pipeline of Missan Oil Fields South Iraq

      Haider Hadi Jasim, Raed Abd Al-Hussain

12. Studying the Effects of Leaching on Treated Gypsum-Rich Soil

      Dr. Ali Nasir Ibrahim

دينامية عمارة المساجد المعاصرة  .13

أ.م.د أسماء محمد حسين المقرم , زينب حسين رؤوف

الإنقطاع الحضري لتهويد القدس .14

د. كميلة أحمدعبد الستار القيسي

الانتشار الحضري سمة المدن العربية مدينة الرياض وبغداد انموذجاً.15

       هيثم عبد الحسين على الشمري , د. نبيل طه إسماعيل, شيماء مطشر حمزة