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Jeasd has published Volume 23 (2019) issue No.3 which has 15 research papers in different engineering fields

               English Contents                       Arabic Contents


1. Assessment Lane Changing Behavior in Local Rural Roads

    Ali Jihad Kadhim, Dr. Hamid Athab Edan Al-Jameel

2. Droplet Size Measurement of Biodiesel and its Blends Using Dispersion Technique and Image Processing

    Dr. Abed Al-Khadim Mohammed Hasan, Dr. Mahmoud Attallah Mashkour, Amer Abdulah Mohammed 

3. The Implementation of Nano-Biomimicry for Sustainability in Architecture

    Dr. Wijdan Deyaa Abdul Jalil, Hussaen Ali Hasan Kahachi

4. Content-Based Image Retrieval: Survey

     Dr. Hanan Ahmed Al-Jubouri

5. The Application of Accurate Digital Cameras With GPS and use the Google Images for                Monitoring Highway Bridges

    Dr.Entisar Kadhim Al-Geelawe , Dr.Layth Sadek Mohsin

6. Determination of Hydrodynamic Resistance Coefficient (Manning’s Coefficient) in Shatt Al           Arab River, Southern of Iraq-Basrah

    Dr. Samer Adnan Al-Taei, Adel Jassim Alfartusi, Dr. Ihsan Abdulkareem Abdulhussein

7. Validation of Finite Element Modeling for Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Beams With Web        Openings

      Dr. Ahlam Sader Mohammed

8. Determined Abu-Khov Length Over Baghdad City

     Dr. Ahmed Fattah Hassoon, Marwa Khaled Tawfiq

9. Study of Flexural and Impact Properties of Nano-Hybrid Composites Materials by Using Poly      Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Matrix

      Dr. Qahtan Adnan Hamad

10. Effect of Web Opening's Shape on the Behavior of Hybrid Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams        Under Repeated Loading

      Dr. Sawsan Akram Hassan, Mohammed Kamil Ali

11. A Review of Bond Behavior of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars With Concrete

     Dr. Mohammed Hashim Mohammed

12. An Experimental Study to Develop Aluminum Corrosion Resistance in Acidic Solution by              Different Ratios of Additive Elements

      Awatif Mustafa Ali

13. A New Correlation For Specific Heat of Normal Alkanes (C1-C30)as a Function of                          Temperature and Carbon Number

Ahmed Abdul Hussain Ayash

14. التحقق من صحة نتائج الفحوصات اللااتلافية في تحديد مقاومة انضغاط الخرسانة. 

د. احمد جميل ابراهيم      

15. دور الخصائص المادية للفضاءات الحضرية في التشكيل النفسي للانسان ضمن مدينة بغداد (حديقة الامة وساحة التحرير انموذجا)

  د.سوزان عبد حسن ابراهيم ,د.باسم حسن هادي, ندى عزام محمود