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Jeasd has published Volume 23 (2019) issue No.6 which has 15 research papers in different engineering fields.



            English Contents                                                             Arabic Contents


1. Analysis and Simulation of Mosfet Differential Amplifier

Dr. Muneer Aboud Hashem

2. Use of a Apecific Type of Bentonite Clay for Removal of Halogenated Organic Compounds From Polluted Water Under Different Operation Conditions 

Dr. Mohammed Ali Rashid , Dr. karim Rashid Gabashi ,  Reyam Majid Sardal

3. Traffic Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Al-Fallah Intersection in Baghdad City Utilizing Synchro.10 Software

Dr. Abdul-Razzak Tarish Ziboon, Dr. Zaynab Ibrahim Qasim, Maysam Ali Yousif

4. Effect of Number and Distribution of Shear Connectors on the Composite Box-Girder bridge under environmental thermal conditions

Dr. Hesham A. Numan, Ahmed Hussein Obed, Dr. Mustafa Özakça

5. Manufacturing Green Cementing Material

Dr. Mohammed Moslah Salman, Mohammad Zohair Yousif

6. Investigation of Convection Heat Transfer for High Integral Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

Dr. Muna Sabah Kassim, Hadeer Sattar Gaber

7. Investigating Effects of Application of Silica Fume and SBS as Modifiers to Reduce Moisture Sensitivity of Asphalt Concrete Mixture

Dr. Zaynab Ibrahim Qasim, Dr. Karim Hadi Ibrahim Al Helo, Sara Nadhim hameed

8. Evaluation of x-ray Radiation Shielding of Concrete With Two Polymeric additives

Dr. Marwan Nafea Arbilei, Dr. Jamal Mohammed Hamed

9. Effect of Perforated and Smooth Fins on Thermal Performance of a Latent Heat Energy System

Maitham Jameel Zaidan, Dr. Mohammed Hamed Alhamdo

10. Improving Shear Strength of Thick Hollow Core Slabs by Using Lightweight High Strength Concrete Produced From Recycled Crushed Clay Brick and Iron Powder Waste

Yousif Nassif Sabr, Dr. Husain Khalaf Jarallah, Dr. Hassan Issa AbdulKareem

11. Effect of prestressing strands on the load deflection behavior of steel beams

Kamal Shahada Mahmoud, Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Rasheed, Dr. Saad Khalaf Mohaisen

12. Egg Shell as Natural Sorbent to Remove Cadmium Ions From Simulated Wastewater

Lahieb Faisal Muhaisen, Farah Faisal Muhaisen , Zainab Munaf Abdulkareem

13. Flexural Behavior of Hybrid Reinforced Concrete Beams Combining Ultra High Strength Concrete and Porecilenite Aggregate Lightweight Concrete

Yaarub G. Abtan, Hind T. Jaber

14. Study on the effect of adding coupling agent (titanium dioxide) on the rheological, thermal and electrical properties of composite material (pe-wood)

May Ali Muslim

15. انتاج خرسانة حرارية عازلة من مواد محلية

أحمد جبارمحسن،هند حسين حمد ،زياد ممتاز محمد ازهر