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Jeasd has published Volume 24 (2020) issue No.2 which has 10 research papers in different engineering fields.



            English Contents                                                             Arabic Contents


1. Outlier Detection Technique Using CT-OCSVM and Fuzzy Rule-Based System in Wireless Sensor Networks 

 Hussein Hassan Shia, Dr. Mohammed Ali Tawfeeq, Dr. Sawsan Mousa Mahmoud

2. Effect of Fill Ratio on Evaporator Wall Temperature in A loop Thermosyphon Used in Electronic Cooling Applications

Samah Ihsan Adnan, Dr. Aouf Abdulrahman Ahmad, Dr. Adnan Adulamir Abdulrasool

3. Pmma – Eggshell Composite Preparation and Studying Mechanical Properties as A dental Metrial

Reem Alaa Mohammed

 4. Effect of Different Ambient Factors on Temperature Distribution in Three-Phase Induction Motor

Afrah Thamer Abdullah, Dr. Amer Majbel Ali 

 5. Thermodynamic Modeling For Analysing The Performance and  Emissions of Spark-Ignition Engines 

Dr. Mahmoud Attallah Mashkour, Ahmed Yaseen Ahmed   

6. Experimental Study of Seismic Response of The Square Tunnel in Granular Soil

Omar Yaseen Almashhadany, Dr. Bushra Suhale Albusoda

7. Treatability of Alum in Removal Phosphorus From Dairy Wastewater

 Ali Abdullah Hasan

8. Experimental Study of Pool Boiling of Nano-Fluids

Dr. Amer Hameed Majeed , Yasmin Hamed Abd 

9. Shear behavior of steel beams strengthening by prestressing strands

 Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Rasheed, Dr. Kamal Shahada Mahmoud , Ali Farhan Atshan

10. اثر التنظيم الفضائي في ادراك النصب

د. باسم حسن هاشم الماجدي، زهراء احمد حسين الجبوري