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Jeasd has published The First Online Scientific Conference for Graduate Engineering Students (2020) Which Has 54 Research Papers in Different Engineering Fields.




1. Removal of Eosin Stain From Aqueous Solution by Sunflower Husk

Assalah Falih Hasan, Mohammed Nsaif Abbas, Suha Anwer Ibrahim

2. Optimization of Zinc Removal from Simulated Wastewater Using Cement kiln dust (CKD) as Adsorbent

Hanan A.Ibraheem, Husham M.Al.Tameemi

3. Study of The Water Quality in The Shatt Al-Arab River Southern of Iraq: A Review

Zahraa Qadra  Lateef

4. Investigating The Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at Airports and Methods of Protection

Sawsan H. Al-Mashhadani, Zainab T. Al-Sharify , Nagam Obaid Kariem

5. Evaluation The Interferences of Stabilized Organic-Contaminated Clay Soil Using Hardening Test

Sarah H. Mohammed, Nagam O. Kariem, Khitam A. Saeed

6. Evaluation The Performance of Clay Brick Waste in The Removal of Blue Dyes From Polluted Water

Shyama Talib Hussain, Seroor Atalah Khaleefa Ali

7. Treatment of Water From Irrigation Drainage by Multimedia Filtration

Shymaa M. Lazim, Seroor A. Khaleefa Ali

8. Comparison of Natural and Chemical Coagulants to Remove Turbidity

Nada Kamil Faraj, Zaidun Naji Abudi

9. Water Quality index in Tigris River within Baghdad City

Noor Q. Ahmed , Karim R. Gubashi

10. Synthesis of Biochar From Agricultural Waste and Applied in Remedation of pb+2 Ions Removal From Wastewater

Halah M. Qasim, Lubna A. Alzubaidi, Zaidun N. Abudi

11.FPGA Implementation of Second Order Sliding Mode Based on ST Algorithm For Type I Diabetes

 Eman Hassony Jadoo, Ekhlas Hameed Karam

12. Diagnosing Thorax Diseases Using Deep Learning Models

Ghada A. Shadeed, Mohammed A. Tawfeeq, Sawsan M. Mahmoud

13. Optimal Model Reference Controller Based on Two Optimization Algorithms for Mean Arterial Pressure

 Rawaa H. Abed, Ekhlass H. Karam

14. Trip Production Modeling of Selected Zones in Baghdad City

 Zainab Abd Alkareem Salim, Gofran J. Qasim

15. Using Eco-Friendly Concrete Mixture for Minimum Cracks Risk In Concrete Pavement at Early-Age

 Jasim Z. Al-Fahdawi, Qais Sahib Banyhussan

16. Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter for Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drive

Ahmed K. Hannan, Turki K. Hassan

17. Performance Improvement For Smart Antenna System Least Square Beamforming Algorithms

Aseel A. Qasim, Adheed H.Sallomi

18. Switching Losses Constraint in Model predictive Direct Current Control with 3Ø Voltage Source Inverter to Drive Induction Motor

Anmar Kh. Ali, Riyadh G. Omar

19.Personal Healthcare System Based on Artificial Intelligence

Bahaa S. Mostafa, Abbas Hussain miry, Tariq M. Salman

20. Design of Triple Bands Elliptical Microstrip Antenna for Satellite Communication

Raad H. Thaher, Hasanain M. jassim

21. Circularly-Polarized, Wide-Range Coverage Azimuth and Elevation Angles Microstrip Antenna For Rf Harvesting

Hayder Almizan, Taha A. Elwi, Zaid A. Abdul Hassain

22. Nanorods Zno Thin Film Grown by Hydrothermal Method Based Planar and Vertical Pd/Zno Schottky Diode Configurations

Shahad T.Armoot, Ghusoon M. Ali

23. Hardware Implementation of Dcsk Communication System Using Xilinx System Generator

Doaa S. Ibrahim, Fadhil S. Hassan

24. Analysis and Simulation of a Three-Phase Multilevel Rectifier

Zainab Adnan Kadhum, Turki K. Hassan

25. Design of GPS Microstrip Square Patch Antenna

Suheir H. Fadhil, Raad H. Thaher

26. Design of High Gain Antenna Based on Array of Double Slot Vivaldi Structure

Shams Khaled Ahmed, Zaid A. Abdul Hassain

27. A High Gain Tapered Slot Vivaldi Antenna Based on Dielectric Lens and Corrugated Slots

Shams Khaled Ahmed, Zaid A. Abdul Hassain, Amer Abood Al-behadili

28. A Dual Port Spatially Diverse Antenna System For Cognitive Radio Applications

Laith Wajeeh Abdullah, Qasim H. Kareem, Malik Jasim Farhan, Adheed Hasan Sallomi

29. A Low Frequency Gain Improvement of Tapered Slot Vivaldi Antenna With Band-Notch Based on Complementary Split Ring Resonator CSRR

Karrar S. Hasan, Zaid A. Abdul Hassain

30. Constraint Optimal Power Flow Based on Ant Colony Optimization

Ali Qasim, Layth Tawfeeq Al-Bahrani

31. Design Dual Uwb Rectangular Microstrip Antenna For Wireless Communications

Masara Nassif Jassim, Adheed Hasan Sallomi

32. Throughput Improvement Utilizing Novel Proposed Model Combining BCH (N, K) Code With STBC Code Over MIMO System With Rayleigh Fading Channel

Muntadher Suhail Abed, Raad H.Thaher

33. Environmental Monitoring Systems Using Wireless Sensor Networks: An Overview

Saja S. Hasan, Yasin Yousif Mohammed

34. An Improved Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Chebyshev Chaotic Map Over Finite Field

Yousif S.Najaf, Maher K. Mahmood

35. Shear Behavior of Sustainable Reinforced High- Strength Concrete Beams Without Stirrups

Ahmed Jawad Hassan, Nagham Tariq Al-Shafi’i

36. Effect of Post Tensioning Tendons Distribution on Stiffness and Ductility Properties of Box Segmental Beams

Ahmed H. Hashim,  Waleed A. Wrayosh

37. Localized Torsional Strengthening Technique For RC Box Beams With Transverse Openings

Ayoub Hamid Moatt, Ali Hameed Aziz

38. Experimental Study of Depth Variation in Flanged Ribbed Lightweight Concrete Slabs

Samer S. Abdulhussein, Ashraf A. Alfeehan

39. Behavior and Strength of Geopolymer Castellated Composite Beams

Waleed A.Waryosh, Ali S. Ali

40. The Effect of Recrystallization Annealing on Corrosion Behavior of Marine Aluminum Alloys In Tigris River

Israa R. Mohammed,  Sahib M. Mahdi

41. Characteristic of Fiber Laser Surface Hardening Depth of Az31b Magnesium Alloy

 Eman Ali Ashur, Sahib Mohammed Mahdi

42. Effect of Epoxy Addition on Thermal Conductivity Expansion and Permeability of Cement Mortar

Baraa M. Matlk, Besma M. Fahad, Lubna Ghalib

43. Investigation The Influence of Shot Peening Technique on Fatigue Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy 2024 - T4

Haneen M. Saud, Mohammed Abdulraoof  Abdulrazzaq

44. Wear and Hardness Properties of Carburized (AISI 1011) Steel

Diyar A. Jabbar,  Zeyad D. Kadhim, Mohammed A. Abdulrazzaq

45. Effect of The Al2o3 Particle on The Wear Rate and Microstructure of Hypo And Hyper Al-Si Alloys

Lara A. Ali, Zeyad D. Kadhim

46. Investigation The Effect Of Arabic Gum on The Physical and Mechanical Properties of Ordinary Cement Mortar

Mustafa K. Rustum, Khalid M. Oweed

47. Thermal Insulation Performance of Wood-Plastic Composite Panels as Alternative To Alucobond Cladding Sheets For Buildings

Hadeel Mahmood Mussa, Tawfeeq Wasmi M. Salih

48. Experimental Study on The Creep Behavior of Hybrid Nanocomposites

Raad Abd AL-Hassan, Ehsan Sabah Al-Ameen, Laila Matar Nasser

49. Temperature Effects on Turbine Blades Subjected to Fatigue- Creep Interaction Load

Mohammed Mazin Khazaal, Bashar Owaid B.

50. Hand Bone Orthosis Manufacturing Using 3D Printing Technology

Nabaa Alaa Aldeen, Basim Ajel Sadkhan, Bashar Owaid

51. Experimental Study of The Thermal Performance Behavior of Electric Power Transformers

Nawras Mohammad Azbar, Hayder Mohammad Jaffal

52. Implementation of A Battery-Fed Single-Phase Inverter For A Low Power Induction Heating Applications

Aziz Sh. Hamad, Isam M. Abdulbaqi

53. AL0.3GA0.7AS/GAAS Heterojunction Diode Analysis

Sarah K. Mohammed, Muneer A. Hashem

54. Punching Shear Behavior of RC Self-Compacting Concrete Footings Resting on Elastic Springs

Zainab Talib Jaafar, Zinah Waleed Abass, Shaimaa Hasan Fadhil